Allow me to Introduce myself …

Author, Writer, Gamer, Music Lover, Vampire Reaper

The names Topan, Belinda Topan…

Hey There,

I’m excited to tell you about myself. I’m a huge fan of all things vampire-related – it’s what I write, read, and watch the most. I just can’t get enough of those blood-sucking creatures! Before the craze known as twilight. I fell in love with the vampires who show no remorse and no care for human life. The vampires I have created, are made with a certain twist. They care to an extent but still become the cruel creatures they deserve to be depicted.

When I’m not immersed in the world of vampires, you can usually find me listening to pop punk music, watching anime, or playing video games. I’ve got six tattoos and I’m currently learning how to play the violin – it’s been a challenge, but I’m enjoying every minute of it!

For me, my biggest inspirations for writing come from the music I listen to and the shows I grew up watching as a kid. They transport me to a different world where I can explore my imagination and create stories that I’m passionate about. I’ve been writing for over ten years now and have self-taught myself during this time. It’s been a challenging journey, but it’s also been incredibly rewarding.

I’ve self-published three books – Living with Vampires, Sunset, and Sunrise. Living with Vampires was a huge online success, and I was blown away by the response it received on Tapas and Wattpad. It was amazing to see so many people enjoying my work and engaging with the story.

I’m passionate about the arts and love being involved in the community. It’s a great feeling to be able to contribute to something I care about so deeply.

Overall, I’m just a regular person with a passion for writing and all things vampire-related. I’ve got my quirks and interests, but that’s what makes me who I am. I’m excited to see where my writing journey takes me and am grateful for all the experiences I’ve had along the way.

Hope you can join me on this journey.

– Belinda

They don’t sparkle, they don’t burn in the sun … face it these vampires are different.

These Vamps Don’t Sleep In Coffins

Just as the title states my vampires don’t sleep in a coffin, they don’t even burn in the sun. Let me give an overview what my Vampires can do.

  • They drink blood to survive. Human blood keeps them healthy and they need to feed once a day. Animal blood makes them sick over time and they become incredibly weak and dangerous.
  • Eye colour changes depending the state of their hunger and what they are eating.

Red Iris with Slit Pupils – Drinking Human Blood
Grey to light Grey, round pupils- Hungry, able to blend in and hunt.
Natural eye colour, Round pupil – Animal blood
White Iris, round pupil – Starvation – Do Not Approach

  • Like humans they need to sleep but not as often, a vampire can last a few weeks without needing too but can grow wary mentally.
  • Stake through the heart, holy items, garlic or silver doesn’t affect them
  • Poisons and venom’s can weaken them but not kill them
  • the only way to kill a vampire is either beheadment, heart ripped from their chest, or setting them on fire.

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